Business partnerships for sustainable growth.

CFO Partner: advice & support tailored to your business.

The concept behind Your CFO is one of partnership. We have the expertise and experience to assist businesses with sustainable development, working alongside business owners to review and analyse the business, design and implement systems and reporting for more streamlined business operations, and develop forecasting and budgeting. You will find our advice to be targeted, practical and easy to implement; with a high level of support available both online and in person.



Is your business growing too fast?

Many kiwi business owners find their businesses growing too fast: and while this sounds like a wonderful problem to have, it can have a devastating – if not fatal – impact on your business. Why? If you can’t build the railroad fast enough, trains run off track. It’s the same with your business – if your path isn’t laid clearly before you; structured with systems that are built to handle growth, then key processes will begin to unravel when overloaded. CFO Partner has a range of strategies and systems to ensure your business grows sustainably; maintaining the integrity of your operations while supporting healthy expansion.



Is your business team losing focus?

Losing focus with your business can happen at any level of operation. From large national corporations through to medium to small enterprises: the risk of losing focus and losing momentum is always present. CFO Partner combats loss of focus with realistic goal setting and processes to ensure personal development reflects the long-term business direction. It is possible to maintain a genuine passion for your business: let CFO Partner show you how!




Is your business struggling
with poor cashflow?

Cashflow issues can strike any business at any point. Unstructured management of business accounts combined with poor invoicing strategy can lead to unstable cashflow. The ripple effect from an unreliable income influences your ability to forecast accurately, your ability to manage marketing budgets, to appease debtors, and to expand your services. With CFO Partner, we work together with you to identify and isolate the causes of your cashflow problem, inserting corrective systems and processes and tracking your financial trends to stabilise your income.