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Helping kiwi businesses get ahead.

Finding a healthy balance between your business and your lifestyle takes strategy. CFO Partner is an expert business guidance service, offering strategic and development advice with a unique approach of getting to know your business and your goals. We tailor how we work with you to realise these goals, to give you a healthier business and a more balanced life.


What is Your CFO?

Most large firms have a Chief Financial Officer (CFO), dedicated finance professionals who focus on the operational side of the business and it’s relationship to the financial success of the business.


This is what Your CFO offers to smaller businesses: access to a strategic mind to find your key business drivers and aid you in growing your business and reaching your goals - cost effectively.


Our team is about long term partnering to add value to your business on an ongoing basis – we will work with you both in your business and on your business to meet your goals.

Can we help you?

  • You are a growing business with an established sales pattern but want to take the next step

  • As a business owner you want to take a step back and focus on your skill set but you can’t quite see how to plan the next stage of the business, how to get your management staff to step up, how to set key performance indicators

  • You run your business from the gut, you’re unclear on who your leading customers are (sales and margins), your key productivity staff or your highest performing products/service – data is not available.

  • You need help setting Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

  • You are working day and night but still can’t quite deliver the business success you think is possible

  • Your business is growing fast but the business systems are not coping

  • You can see opportunity in your business, but blind spots are preventing you from seeing how to take advantage of these opportunities

  • Cash is tight, despite great sales

If you answered
yes to one of these,
we can help provide:

  • Clarity on your business and its operations and financial performance

  • Practical, down-to-earth solutions tailored to your business

  • Cashflow assistance

  • Growth and development strategies

  • Assistance with HR policies and procedures

  • Analysing your business data – i.e. what you sell to who, for how much, and what it costs

  • Reporting of your operational and financial performance with tailored recommendation analysing your performance, including productivity and providing KPIs

  • Forecasting and budgeting

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