Practical, achievable, strategic development for your business.

Your CFO partner - who are we?

CFO Partner is a New Zealand-based organisation service that offers a unique CFO service. Within our team we offer over 20 years of financial and operational experience in organisations of all sizes, giving our clients expertise on linking financial and management reporting with strategy, while adding value and maximising profitability and growth. We offer solutions-focused practicality, giving our clients clear steps to achieve sustainable growth.


Key skills within our team:

  • Both detailed and big picture thinking

  • Project management

  • System review and implementation

  • Developing team members to be proactively involved in the business

  • Business intelligence and business analytics

  • Advanced analytical skills and spreadsheet reporting and modelling


Our strengths lie in our strong understanding of the key financial and strategic growth markers within businesses, and our ability to structure supporting yet flexible processes to grow and manage these key areas. We work closely alongside New Zealand businesses to guide strategic development and growth from the ground up: making our solutions both practical and futureproofed.


We focus on working with businesses owners to create a successful business model that flows into the balance of their lives, coaching from the point of view of goalsetting and operational business rather than having a purely bottom-line approach.





Your Virtual CFO

Partnering with you to enable your success in business

Strategic Business Financial Advice and Coaching


Rachael has had vast experience over a number of industries from manufacturing, engineering, services, accommodation and retail - and her expertise is based on 20 years experience in management accounting with extensive skills in process and procedures review, systems interrogation, data capture and analytics, strategic thinking operationally, and management reporting that brings it all together.


Are you struggling to get past the day to day activities in your business and find you are unable to plan for growth?

Would your business benefit from assistance with analysis and planning to help you identify which strategies to pursue and which to discard, based on real data from your business?


Do you need expertise preparing meaningful financial information to support decision making, present to the bank for growth or refinancing, or to prospective business partners and stakeholders?


Rachael will dive into the detail of your business activities providing deep analysis of business performance, risks and future planning to help you understand your business in a way you never have before - helping you take it to the next level.


Rachael also has a network of legal and technical people to help support your business growth. Her and her team will help you, your financiers and clients see your vision and help you turn it into a reality. 


You will have a clearer picture of where to spend your time, how to delegate more effectively, and be the leader you need to be to meet your personal and professional goals.


Rachael can make a difference to your business and your life.

Rachael Hayton

Your CFO Partner Can:

  • Use your business data to give you insights to your business

  • Create tailored reports to report your KPIs and track performance

  • Scenario analysis for budgeting, forecasting and growth strategies

  • Systems review and analysis of other options


Registering with Your CFO will open your business to unlimited support and achievable success, with monthly services in the key areas of finances, policy and procedures, strategy development, analytics and implementation.